Saturday, February 03, 2007

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madonna and child

it's still really cold outside [it IS iowa in february, after all], and in anticipation of tomorrow's super bowl, i'm having some difficulty focusing on singular thoughts. see?

so here's a sampling:

i've long admired madonna, not so much for her music, more because of it, and what it has allowed her to do: she has become a strong woman who has been able to do whatever she has wanted to do. when she has done this or that [imagine humorous links], the media has howled while her legion of fans has grown, and--more importantly--has imitated her. she is a mother now, and after having one of her own, she has done the morally correct thing and adopted a child from an orphanage in malawi, an extremely poor african country known by me to be the source of a wonderful coffee bean which, when roasted to a medium finish, results in a cup of coffee which rivals my kenya aa dark roast for flavor and mildness. madonna has changed her views on religion [as did i several years ago, to much less fanfare], and has begun writing and publishing children's books. [a note: i have written the outlines for a few, and the writing process is just a couple more inspirations away. interested illustrators should contact me with ideas] madonna has started a foundation to raise awareness of the plight of orphans in malawi, and more than that, she has poured a lot of her own money into trying to turn the tides of poverty and despare for these kids. this is good, and deserves the time it will take you to read about it.

texas women...not something i often realize that i am thinking about, but it turns out that i do. and some of my favorites have died lately. [by the way, i am really quite offended by the use of the term "passing" to refer to the fact that someone has died. "passing" is what i expect to see in tomorrow's game, along with "blocking" and "tackling." say what you mean, and stop wussing out on accepting the fact that someone has DIED. it's a fact of life.] molly ivins, ann richards, and nellie connally all represented the kind of woman that everyone has to admire and respect. strong and independent-minded, with a voice and a will to match. we are fortunate to have live in their times, and are better for them having lived. their deaths will not silence their voices. to me, this fact represents the notion of life after death--that the products of their lives continue to have an affect on someone else's life. there's not much more for which a person should hope for a life well-lived.

money continues to be the root of most evil, and will be the ruin of--what now?--youtube. they've killed kenny. you bastards.

the american criminal justice system, along with the second amendment [and its grant of a right of state militias to arm themselves], continues to be one of the most misunderstood pillars of the american experiment in democracy. oh, let me add the notion of the "separation of church and state" to my short list of greatly misunderstood pillars.

porn. it all its wonderful forms.

oh, and high school wrestling. go cubbies. [never EVER thought i'd utter that in any sort of public forum]

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Zadman said...

Ah... The most wonderous porn of all, Italian porn. Reminds me why I enjoy living and riding. Perhaps I'll have to take a pic or two of my Italian beauty.