Thursday, May 22, 2008

jack and the magic bean bus

chapter 35 - the birth of the bus

Vegas and Jack pulled into Boulder just after sunset, and although Vegas seemed slightly lost the entire time they drove around the city, he eventually pulled into a parking spot and announced, “We’re here.”
They got out of the truck and Vegas motioned for Jack to follow as they cut across the street, down an alley, and emerged

in a big pedestrian mall called Pearl Street.
As they made their way through the crowd, someone rapped on the window from inside a deli and started waving and pointing at Jack but then did a double take and acted embarrassed about something.
A little farther down the street, someone shouted, “Hey!” but when Vegas and Jack turned, the person apologized and walked away.

Vegas eventually found the pub he was looking for and ducked inside, with Jack right behind him. While Vegas scanned the tables looking for familiar faces, a waitress touched Jack lightly on the arm and thanked him for the massage the other day. Jack turned in surprise, and the waitress nearly dropped her tray while trying to explain that she had mistaken Jack for someone else.
Jack had been on the run since the previous September, but he hadn’t been chased for months while he stayed in Vail. He had almost forgotten what it was like to constantly be looking over his shoulder, but the strange reactions of so many people around him were really starting to set Jack’s nerves on edge again. It was as if everyone knew Jack, or at least thought they did at first.
Eventually, Vegas spotted the people he was looking for and led Jack over to a side table

where they pulled up chairs and sat down. A waitress brought two more mugs and another pitcher of beer, and after everyone had greeted Vegas, their eyes shifted to Jack and stayed there.
One after another, they introduced themselves. “Hullo,

my name is Mahk. I mistook you for Vong at first. Are you a relative of his?”
“He sure looks the part,” said the second person, with a slightly different English accent. He added,

“I’m Nick. Glad to meet you.”

“And I’m Martin.” added the third person in a phony Australian accent.
Jack was already a bit rattled and seconds later, he let out a yelp when a young lady snuck up behind him and covered his eyes shouting, “Guess who?” Jack spilled his beer while trying to escape under the table before Vegas caught hold of him and convinced Jack that everything was okay. The young lady turned out to be another friend,

named Maria, who later explained that thought she was sneaking up on Vong.
As is typical when an outsider joins a group of old friends, Jack was on the fringe of the conversation for much of the evening as the others caught up on this and that, but Jack’s ears perked up when they began talking about Ragbrai.
Mahk mentioned that Kelby was in the process of purchasing a suitable vehicle, and Jack moved from the fringe of the conversation to the center of it while trying not to sound desperate. “Do you have Kelby’s address?” Jack asked Mahk.
“Not on me, but back at the house I do,” Mahk answered. “You guys are welcome to stay there if you need a place.”
“Yeah,” said Vegas, “That would be great.”
This was too good to be true, Jack thought. He relaxed for the rest of the night and actually enjoyed hanging out in the pub, listening to the others tell stories on each other. When it came time to leave, Vegas got some directions from Mahk, and he and Jack brought the truck over to

Mahk’s house for the night.
to be continued...
[a serial by little orphan dbax]

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I've been to a wedding in St. Malo's. It's beautiful.