Thursday, February 12, 2009

the effects of a long, hard winter's training

it's been a pretty good year. or so i thought.
below, july, 2008, playing race announcer at the clear lake bbq crit, with my able assistant, doctor kpav. i did the crit, announced, and did the road race the next day. despite being relegated in the road race for cheating at randy catron's expense, i was feeling pretty good, fitness-wise.

but, after riding outside all fall, doing the cyclocross thing, riding the living piss out of the gravel roads throughout central iowa, disregarding the typically bitterly cold winter conditions, staying upright and not breaking anything all in the face of all the incredibly icy roads and such, and feeling, well, pretty good about things, THIS is what i've become? WTF????

s'pose there's something to this roller racin' shit after all?


Steve Fuller said...

I'm not sure if you just need some sun, or a coonskin cap and a musket. I'm sure you will shed your thick winter coat for something more sun and warm air friendly. That week in Arkansas may do you some good. :)

the mostly reverend said...

that, and a thick pot of coffee.

the mostly reverend said...

and just so pickle doesn't get upset, i'm done using that photo for a long, long time.

until i photoshop ice on it.

bryan said...

Dumbledore? Is that you?

kpav said...

in time we will be smiling and our tanlines will return to normal, doctor.