Wednesday, February 04, 2009

guess who?

i have some very bright readers who visit on a regular basis; now is your chance to prove it to the world.
tell me, who ARE the fellows in this photo?
[don't try enlarging, as i've obscured the name tags.]
i'll come up with an appropriate prize for the winner. good luck.


Steve Fuller said...

Gary Fisher
Denitt Colescott
Charlie Kelly

the mostly reverend said...

well, of course, ANYone can type names, steve, but who ARE they?

THAT'S different, isn't it.
oh, and you're not correct, anyway.


Steve Fuller said...

As soon as I figure out that 3rd one....

bluegrass said...

Gary Fisher, Dennis Christopher, Charlie Kelly

the mostly reverend said...

ding ding ding ding ding ding.

i really thought someone would suggest that dennis might be pre-op mickey rouke, but yes, the man in the middle is breaking away star dennis christopher, looking pretty darned good. this photo was taken at a recent [last weekend] ceremony at which messers. fisher, kelly, and christopher were present for the awarding of the "best cycling film of 2008" to the makers of "klunkerz."

filmmaker billy savage will soon be on my radio show.

whether i can get dennis remains to be seen. be kinda fun, in as much as i can't seem to get dennis quaid.

well done, bluegrass. we'll get you a special prize; let me know at how to contact you.

Mistress Julie said...

Dammit! And I was thinking it was the Pres, Vice Pres., and Secretary of the Ecological Society of America.

I was way off. I should still get a prize.