Friday, February 06, 2009

when your big dick just won't go away

go here and view the video commentary
go here to read his interview
and dick, go here


gpickle said...

You bring mention hell and after reading the article I speak aloud JESUS! I am stunned that he speaks of naivete in Washington. His old world / old man worldview is what is out of touch.

I wonder if the Big Dick has bothered to check any other statistics on American death since 2001? About 43,000 killed every year in car crashes. Every year. Roughly half a million killed by tobacco use. Every year. And 30,000 or so killed by firearms. Every year. I can't claim to know precisely where the Big Dick stands on all 3 of these American killing industries but I will venture a guess he supports the auto industry, thinks people should have the right to smoke if they so choose, and I guess I know where he stands on guns. He has shot a friend in the face after all...

I could go on but the whole business makes me sick.


the mostly reverend said...

steve, don't hold in: how do you really feel. i sense we're on the cusp of a break through.