Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the uselessness of the iowa bike coalition

mark wyatt, shown here in a rare moment when he is NOT riding his bicycle in a bike lane somewhere in iowa, advocating LOUDLY on behalf of all bicyclists, or at least on behalf of motorists who encounter bicyclists.
we CAN be so annoying sometimes, can't we mark. i guess we ought to just shut up and let YOU do job 1: fund-raising.
paging mark wyatt! there's a crisis here on the iowa ROADWAYS!!! and a 3' law would NOT have saved mark grgurich.
why don't you try to do something that WILL help bicyclists?
. . . .
like the requirement that "ALL motorists in iowa, upon reaching their 70 birthday, SHALL be tested for both vision AND driving skills ANNUALLY before obtaining or renewing their driver's license."
any comments?

1 comment:

the mostly reverend said...

by the way, PLEASE notice that mark wyatt--AVID cyclist that he is--has his BICYCLE KEYS in his hand.

safety first, of course!
[where's his helmet?]