Friday, November 20, 2009


pearl dancing at burning man. she danced with friends every sunday morning; it was her spiritual thing. she was such a powerful being. things and people flourished because of her.

janna and her burning man bike; it was later painted white and permanently decorated with flowers and such. sadly, i never made it to the festival with her.

i first encountered and became entranced by this smile in junior high school. it never changed. i'm sure gonna miss this one.
. . . . .
life never gets easier, i've learned. the most one can hope for is to not be overwhelmed by what life throws your way. ironically, the very strength that pearl helped others discover within themselves was never fully accessible to pearl when she needed it most. she constantly pushed and tested her limits in her explorations of human despair, to better equip her to help others cope with theirs. it was not necessarily a noble undertaking, in her view. it was just what she did: she gave of herself to others. those who knew her were better as a result of that.


Steve Fuller said...

My condolences Reverend. The loss of a good friend, no matter the reason, is always hard.

Sandy Underpants said...

sorry for the loss of your friend Rev. she looks like she gave this world a lot of fun and smiles.

zencomix said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend.