Tuesday, July 08, 2008

great big radio show contest!!

hey, folks! it's a contest SO GREAT, SO TIMELY, SO NOW, that i just had to pull some strings, and announce it HERE: you think you know how the tour de france will turn out? want to put it out there, and then hope for the best?
here's what you do:
1--pick which rider will win the yellow overall;
2--pick which rider will win the green sprinter's jersey;
3--pick which rider will win the polka dot climber's jersey;
4--pick which rider will win the white young rider; and then
5--[tiebreaker] pick which team will win the team competition.
then send your selections to me NOT HERE, but at the radio station email address.
the winner will be awarded his or her very own "kim west radio cycling show" t-shirt.
just follow the rules, and everyone will be alright.
got it?

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