Saturday, July 12, 2008

great deals in used racing bikes, part 1

found on a recent excursion on north 50th street, just south of aurora.

sleek profile, quite usable for elkhart and other world championship rides

note the dimpled rear disc, with safety-first reflector and weight-shaving alloy "spoke guard" inside the freewheel and classy dark chainring protector

you guessed it: it IS a huffy

notice the actually quite up-to-date brake levers, paired with stem shifters and foam grips. i'm a little baffled at the positioning of the handlebars, yet was pleasantly surprised to find NO redundant aero clip-ons added. the foam handgrips could serve as the arm pads of today.

sticker shock: $20.00 [too steep for my tastes, though]

1 comment:

Steve Fuller said...

This is almost as cool as a fixed gear with aerospokes, but not quite....