Wednesday, July 09, 2008

kickstand cyclery

enjoy the entire strip, from its beginning


Buckshot77 said...

I've been reading Yehuda for a few months now and today's strip really tore at me. On the one hand I love riding with no helmet and just being able to hop on and go without feeling like I need to truss myself up in a bubble. However, I've all ready gone through two helmets this year including cracking one so I know I'm one of those special cases that probably shouldn't tempt fate by regularly riding without a helmet.

the mostly reverend said...

develop and trust your OWN judgment.
learn to rely upon it,
not the judgment and opinions of others.
let others experience the joy of learning to do the same for themsleves.

Steve Fuller said...

I rode home without my helmet last night, and again from work this afternoon. I ride with it on at other times, like mountain biking. I agree with the Rev. Find your own way.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust in the judgement of others. Others in cars & trucks that will brush you off without a thought. Newbies who can't hold a line. Clueless college students who walk out directly in front of you. Drunks who care for nobody. Bimbos with their jogger strollers who have to ask which side you are going to pass them on. Dog owners who let their dogs run loose.

My head is worth protecting.

If you don't think yours is, it won't be any loss to society.

lonelydimple said...

Why do helmet-pushers always sound so angry?

Loosen that strap a little ... you might feel better.

Steve Fuller said...

My head is worth protecting, I just decide for myself the situation warrants it. No big deal to me if someone wears their helmet all the time, so it shouldn't be a big deal to someone else if I don't.

the mostly reverend said...

speaking of helmets, frankly, i care more about whether someone is using effective birth control than whether someone is wearing a cycling helmet.

Anonymous said...

why do you care about effective birth control?

the mostly reverend said...

fewer anonymous posters, for one thing.

for another thing, i worry about the future of this planet and the folks who do and will inhabit it, including my grandchildren.

i wish that george h.w. and babs bush had used a more effective and permanent form of birth control some 63 years ago, for example.

Anonymous said...

See Kim, I post as annony because you are a prick 97.3% of the time someone asks you a question. If someone disagrees with you, you are a smug shitbird(tm) that attacks immediatley.

I could give two shits about whether you wear your fucking helmet. Just as you should back the fuck off of people who disagree with you politically. I swear to sweet baby Jesus that you are one of the most paranoid people when it comes to your personal worth.

Fucking A, dude this country is going to be fine, if Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan didn't fuck it up, a couple of fucking retard baby boomers (GW, and WJC) should get some latitude to fuck it up.

It isn't because of political parties that this country is awesome it is awesome because the people can run things like the Kollective and volunteer, etc. Tell me are there republicans supporting the Kollective? YUP. Are the Dems supporting the Kollective? Yup. Does it fucking matter at all? NOpe.

Fucking smoke a bowl, ride your bike, and relax-getting so angry about GW and Republicans is about as useful as Basso trying to get you to wear your helmet.

the mostly reverend said...

somebody needs a nap.

by the way, you can't copyright "shitbird" -- prior use. check here:

who said i was angry, nonny?
i re-read this stuff two, three times, and i don't see any anger until you spouted--which is fine, mind you--but i see that lonely dimple suggested that an earlier anonymous poster could benefit from loosening a strap, and maybe could be a bit less angry.

maybe if you had an actual identity that you weren't ashamed of, you'd have a higher self-esteem, and you wouldn't need to lash out from behind a mask.

and anyway, it's my place;
i can say what i want.
you get a place of your own,
then i can come over and shit in your corner.

and leave pete out of this.

Anonymous said...

smug shirtbird(tm) is mine.


the mostly reverend said...

you can have it, but if you want me to handle your trademark infringement cases, i want it cash up front!!

Anonymous said...

you wouldn't do it pro bono? jeesh