Tuesday, May 05, 2009

cinqo de mayo: glory days stories permitted today only

a long-standing oft-ignored rule of cycling etiquette is honored today, cinqo de mayo, and to it, i say, "did i tell you about the time i . . . "
yes, that's correct: it's may 5th, that ONE day each year when it really IS okay to let the bullshit roll, when it IS permitted to tell anyone who appears to care how great you really are. or were. so i strongly recommend that after tonight's ride, y'all should get together with buds and throw some back.
be sure to bring a trophy or medal along, to back it up.


Z said...

Ah... My thoughts now drift to RAGBY past and future. Just 74 days and a wake up.

Brett said...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away.... We were all thin, less gray, rode steel frames, and got away with lots more at races and ragby.

lost78 said...

Ahh... the "Sermon Next to the Bus." I remember it like it was yesterday, especially the Badattitudes and the Discourses on ostentation, judge mentalisim, and holiness

the mostly reverend said...

and boltcakes.