Wednesday, May 27, 2009

photos from the weekend [family stuff]

the grandkids had their first taste of competition, doing the children's snake alley and melon city. in great racer tradition, i fudged jabari's "racing age"--from 22 months to 3 years--to get him in at the snake, on his strider cycle.
waiting, waiting, waiting

jabari is READY to race

nyla does hot laps to prepare

jabari's laps were not as hot, but he did MANY of them

he might not have been the first to cross the line, but he had as much fun as any of them. he did not stop at the line: jabari went another half block, and cried when i turned him around to go back

nyla, who actually DOES know the proper way to fit a helmet, was cursed and blessed with a head full of beaded "hair pretties" on her braids, so she only appears to be sporting a "marge simpson 'do" in these shots.
i'll most likely post more in the days to come, as i sort through the ones i have. they had a great time racing, although jabari was NOT pleased to be too young for sunday's and monday's events.

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Steve Fuller said...

He's wearing a Ramones shirt, of COURSE he's ready to race.