Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it's that time of the year

each may, as the flora at the orphanage comes into its own, i've taken a couple quick snaps from the same spot across the street. it's been fun watching the place evolve. the obvious things, the autumn blaze maples and the row of miss kims [the dwarf lilac bushes that define the perimeter of the estate], are difficult not to notice. but it's the subtleties of life at the orphanage that make it an interesting place. as i study the the serial [i'll post the entire collection in a few days], i notice the passing of my roommates, from spotted and deaf, to fleet and elegant. the cars i drive have been prominent some years, and they, too, are ever changing. my bicycles have been seen from year to year, and although the photos are always taken with the morning sun, i notice the variety of bikes that i've ridden prior to making my early-morning records.
here's how the orphanage looked a few hours ago:

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