Thursday, May 28, 2009

fashionistas in the news!!

these olive green t-shirts are the latest thing. when the beautiful people at cannes were not flashing the flesh and their pearly whites on the runways and beaches, they were seen wearing these babies.
now, you, too, can look like brangelina, shu qi, andie macdowell, and others.
in medium and large only, at this time.
$15, plus shipping.
get 'em while you can.
the red ones you can get ONLY by winning the prestigious "most aggressive rider" award at select races throughout the midwest.
kids sizes, SM, XL, and XXL will be available soon.


kitty said...

I need Xmas presents -
please set aside
5 larges
3 mediums
for pickup sometime b4 then.

the mostly reverend said...

okie dokie, kitty.
or is it melanie haber?
audrey farber? susan underhill?
betty jo bialowski?
Oh! you mean nancy!

kitty said...

no, nancy is my sister - it's audrey, really

Crazy Commuting Cyclist said...

Cool! I am going to have to git me one!

the mostly reverend said...

you won't be sorry!