Tuesday, July 28, 2009

finally- a reason to wear a helmet?

i hear it all the time:
"where's your helmet?" [said by a highway patrolman in an intersection]
"hey, organ donor, do you know where i can find a bar?" [said by a guy--one of many--wearing stars & stripes-styled jerseys as we roll into a small town]
"hey, wear a helmet! you're breaking all the rules & laws of ragbrai!" [said by a guy in full-aero tuck on his tri-style bike, as we safely pass him on his left. he chased me down after i cupped my ear and said "what" three times to chew my ass.]
"you're setting a bad example" [a fat man on a bike as i rode by]
but there might be a reason to pull the old giro out of the zippered case and slip it on the noggin: the much misunderstood firefighter on a sunday morning in asheville, north carolina, on a crusade to keep young children safe.
did anyone get the make and model of the cyclist's helmet?
read here for more.

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