Thursday, July 16, 2009

hello again

[for explanation, see below]
i've been problem-solving lately, this time at the american mustache institute's think tank. i can't really disclose what we've been thinking about, but it's beginning to look a lot better for the hairy lippers among us.
let's just leave it at that.
but those of you who have been asking about my health and whereabouts, thank you, and please understand that every now and again, i am called to a higher cause, and i must respond. but my heart remains here, at the orphanage.
my own personal mustache, by the way, is alive and well, and is looking forward to a little sun and relaxation over the next few days.
see you on the road.
i hope to be filing dispatches from along the way...
by the way, since i'll be somewhat more mobile the next few days, and will be without my vast photo library, i thought i'd upload a photo that, should my posts NEED photo illustration, i'll have one at the ready. it will be up to you, my faithful readers, to imagine the more appropriate illustration. maybe you could post links in the comments section. in the meantime, you'll have to rely on mine, with a supplied caption.
it's a little quiz, of sorts, i suppose.

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