Wednesday, July 08, 2009

we answer the obvious

Dear Dr. Science,
How come no matter which direction I ride my bicycle,
the wind blows against me?
--from Christopher Coughlin of Colorado Springs, CO
A: Were you born after 1950? I detect in your question a kind of "the world owes me a living" whine that's so prevalent in people of that generation. Instead of feeling gratitude for the fact that you have a bicycle, or two legs to ride it, you complain that bike riding moves you through the sea of air, producing the effect of a wind on your face. If you rode your bike in a vacuum, the troublesome wind would vanish, but the cumbersome life support system you'd have to wear to accomplish this would make a little headwind seem like a blessing.

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andy said...

Dear MR,

The link to the image on this page (at is dead, although I know what's meant to be there, thanks to Google's cache. I wore out the t-shirt and have been trying for ages to find another. Do you have a copy of the image file by any chance? it's big enough that with a little cleaning up in photoshop, voila, dr science rides again.

as a 50yo about to try getting out on the midlife road bike, i enjoyed the site lot - plenty to crankily agree with here.

cheers, andy