Wednesday, November 05, 2008

grant park celebration

i'm excited to watch as nyla has role models in sasha and malia in the white house
we are ready for and welocme a president for ALL americans.
do you remember what the chicago police were doing 40 years ago?
i hope that this photo will help change the image that too many people seem to have of young, black men in this country.
there are 118 photos here that tell a wonderful story. if you don't tear up at least a bit, call your cardiologist.
read the full text of obama's brilliant speech last night here.
what an amazingly eloquent, intelligent future lies ahead for all of us.
as michelle obama said a few months ago [and for which she was mercilessly and wrongly excoriated], for the first time in my life, i really DO feel proud of my country, and i am so very happy that it might just be possible to leave the world a better place than we found it.
. . . . .
go ride your bike,
breathe deep the fresh air;
let go your worries, replenish your soul,
for your future you must prepare.
. . . . .
whew...jebus. i really was quite afraid it wouldn't happen. let the reunification begin, okay, my right-wing friends? let's ride bikes.
gravel rides tuesday nights, the bridge in water works park at 530 pm?
renegade cyclocross saturday, 900 am at witmer park.
probably won't drink afterwards.


bryan said...

rev -- while Obama's speech was excellent as expected, I was equally impressed with McCain's concession speech. Of course, it's easy to be humble after those numbers, but I hope his words are taken to heart.

There's a different feel in the air today.

Wait, that's the cold front coming in.

Brett said...

On a sad note Prop 8 in CA passed banning same sex marriage, my "prayers" go out to those in pain due to ignorance, stupidity, and hatred.