Monday, November 17, 2008

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Posted on Mon, Nov. 17, 2008
Tickets, not criminal charges, recommended after officer killed on bicycle
A Eudora man who killed a Douglas County sheriff’s officer in a traffic accident should get tickets for the incident, the Douglas County district attorney said.
Kyle Van Meter was driving west on a county road when he rear-ended Lt. David Dillon’s bicycle on June 28, said District Attorney Charles Branson, who also said Van Meter told authorities he was distracted by the radio and did not see the officer until the impact.
The Kansas Highway Patrol investigated the accident and reported the outcome to Branson. He said he has sent the case back to them suggesting that tickets be issued for unsafe overtaking/passing, following too closely and failure to wear a seatbelt, he said in a press release.
The death does not warrant state criminal charges, Branson said, but “it is a difficult time for the family, the sheriff’s Department and all those involved.”
He also noted that studies have shown that 80 percent of crashes are caused by distracted drivers.
“If any good can come from the tragedy we can only hope people will slow down and pay attention to their driving,” he said.
Joe Lambe,


Andy said...

I can't get my mind around that. What is the punishment for a car killing a pedestrian? What if that pedestrian is 7 years old? I'm not the lawyer but isn't that man-slaughter?

gpickle said...

80% of crashes are caused by distracted drivers so lets let this slide? This is crap, and it is the same smelly crap we dealt with on the PDC straightening/widening over here in Iowa City where the engineers said that monitoring the road as it was showed that people were speeding so they should design the road for the speeds they were traveling.

This shit defies all logic.

the mostly reverend said...

i suggest bicyclists and motorists [as well as city and county engineers and attorneys] adopt the methodology shown above, in the video post.