Friday, November 14, 2008

today's sermonette topic:

family values
it's the age-old conflict:
POP versus

[abba divas doing what they do]


the moody blues, the self-described greatest rock band in the WORLD!
what else could POSSIBLY happen?


Jeff Bratz said...

Today is 11/16/08-just wanted to let you know. Election has been over for a 'couple' of days now.

the mostly reverend said...

yes, but family values--and the salaciousness they engender--go on forever!

remember how long it took to impeach, and then not convict, william jefferson?

Jeff Bratz said...

if "hope" and "change" are actually going to be realized-it seems like the fringe should wrap the warm blanket of Barck around them-and focus on the pressing issues.

Cindy McCain swapping spit with some dude hardly compares to the challenges we are facing. Shiny object Reverend, shiny objects. Bringing this up only distracts from the real crap we are dealing with.

Focus on the issues-John and Cindy aren't the story. The Dow, Afghanistan, Iraq, economy, GM etc are the issues. Focus Reverend, Focus.