Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my radio job has lots of perks

one of them is that i've gotten to know many folks "in the industry" -- here, the cycling industry. as a result, i learn about many things BEFORE they become widely known to the masses.
well, it just so happens that i have a friend inside one of the largest cycling clothing design and manufacture companies in the world, and she has tipped me to just a few of the new kits that will be gracing the race venues in the upcoming 2009 season, beginning with cyclocross nationals in december.
go here to see more. a word to the clever: the names attached to the photos are NOT the actual team names; they are trade names, to help keep the team image more of a surprise for the unveiling later this year.
enjoy. [can you guess which kit is headed for sioux city?]


Steve Fuller said...

Suddenly I have a case of the Schytts

the mostly reverend said...

those are some hot-assed cycling kits, huh? you're lookin' good at the cross races, big boy.
that's what I'M talkin' 'bout.

Get The Word Out said...

Radio Job with perks? Ha, you aren't the only one! Ain't it a fab job!

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