Wednesday, November 05, 2008

might i suggest a new mantra

or do without!!
on 9-12, ol' dubya said the cure to our ills was simply to go shopping.
today, i'd like to suggest americans adopt the old world war two attitude as a method to combat the approaching recession:
use it up,
wear it out;
make it do,
or do without.
it won't kill you, it will save you money, it will harm the world's dwindling resources less, it will teach your kids and friends a valuable lesson, and it will allow you to appreciate what you have, while letting you contemplate why you think you need what you don't have.


gpickle said...

I wore my patched up pants to work again today. Course that don't tell you which ones they were because they are all patched.

I am getting a new bike though...

the mostly reverend said...

well, BIKES is differnt, in't it?