Sunday, September 30, 2007

g pickle

when he's not busy doing the good work on behalf of the mostly reverend's fan club, g. pickle can be found riding bike on or near gravel. he seems to be the one iowa cyclist under the age of 60 who is seriously attempting to do mr. mable's gravel hundred challenge. he did his sixth this weekend, on his single speed townie. in his review, he mentions that he did this one with a saddle. to learn the significance of this, you SHOULD read this.
it's good stuff.
too bad it was such a short ride;
60 miles more, and it would have been epic.
it's okay; we've discussed his shortcomings.

take THAT, stuttgart!

what a race! what a champion!!
congratulations, paolo
[moral of the story: don't mess with him]

sunday thoughts: in my face

over the past several election cycles, i have grown increasingly pissed that presidential candidates--for that matter, candidates for any office--spend sunday mornings, wife and television crew in tow,
climbing the stairs to this magnificent church or that.
it seems that no person is qualified to represent the american public if they themselves don't publicly represent--in some form or other--god.
well, of course, i think that's total bullshit.
god didn't score that touchdown, didn't hit that homer,
didn't pedal that bike up the mountain,
or beat the living bejesus out of the boxer in the other corner.
you might think that your god helped you, or gave you the inner strength or determination to do whatever it is you just did,
but i sure as hell don't care, nor do i want to hear about it.
are you so insecure about your relationship with your god that you simply must tell everyone what your actions mean?
i do adhere to the old-fashioned notion that actions do, ultimately, speak louder than words, and that the actions of a good, noble, and honorable person speak volumes about the true character of the actor.
slap a little cross on you somewhere--no problem.
drop on your knees silently, briefly, off-camera--that's cool.
but begin every post-accomplishment camera mug session
with an "all praise to god"
and you've just gone all talladega.
so, imagine, if you will, my emotional tossed salad upon learning that candidate everyman, fred thompson, has startled the political and religious [redundant?] worlds by declaring that "...he isn't a regular churchgoer and doesn't plan to speak about his religion on the stump."
well, i'll be damned!
he added that he gained his values from "sitting around the kitchen table'' with his parents and "the good Church of Christ.''
thompson said his church attendance "varies.''
"i attend church when i'm in tennessee. i'm in mclean right now,'' he said referring to the virginia suburb of washington, d.c., where he lives.
"i don't attend regularly when i'm up there.''
thompson said he usually attends church when visiting his mother in tennessee and isn't a member of any church in the washington area.
what the hell kind of chance does this guy think he has?
talking nonsense like this, if it catches on, could toss the republican party some 40, 50 years forward in evolution, up to practically the 1980s.
she-it. that's just stupid talk;
that's the devil coming down from the mountain.

...from world's, this morning

In addition to to Tyler Farrar, the team will use a recent Vuelta stage winner in the escapes. "For escapes I think we will have Jason [McCartney]. And Bobby [Julich]. We have a great team and hopefully we can build on this, and do more stuff in the future." ...

Jason McCartney added that he will need some time to get his legs up to full revs. "I don't know, I need a while to get my engine warmed up; we will have to see what happens," said the American. He reckoned the race will be harder to read because it is a one day versus a three-week affair. "It is touch and go, you never know how you are going to go in a one day event, whereas in a stage race you really get a feel of your body. We have a super motivated team, I think that is exciting and it is kind of a first for us for a while," he confirmed the team's backing of Hincapie. "It has been nice together [with team USA]. We have been going out to dinner together as a group. It is a good time."

He is closer to signing a contract for 2008. "I think I have something in the works. Yes, a ProTour team. Yes, in Europe. That is all I can say."

thank you, moneypenny

ahhh...where would you be without me, james?

Friday, September 28, 2007

breaking away, 21st century version

watch this classic, remade for today's audience:
2:00, no emotions to mess it up.
[thanks, rick!]

happy birthday, ed!

tonight, we have a really big shew, a celebrating a special day.
on our stage tonight, one of the kids' biggest stars,
a stars of stage and screen, gwyneth paltrow,
and her very special guest, and co-star, hilary duff,
who tonight is dressed up like her favorite cleric, the mostly reverend,
who is suffering stage fright, and is backstage, vomiting.
tonight, on the stage at the ed sullivan theater,
at 1035 pm local time, right here on cbs, fresh from her smash gig in jail,
special special guest paris hilton, sharing our stage with topo gigio,
the italian mouse.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

who opened this?

you know, this shit doesn't just open itself.
i can prove it.
why do i always have to clean up after you guys?
well, it does make for interesting reading,
and i love when we can make new friends on the internets.

fitness today

what's wrong with this country, part 2

Monday, September 24, 2007

STOP IT ! ! ! ! !

. . . for at least five years.
or simply call 888.382.1222
from the number you wish to have blocked.
takes only 30 seconds, yet will give 5 years of
s i l e n c e . . . . .

Sunday, September 23, 2007

tell me why. . .

. . . people listen to this guy?
how crowded IS it under the rock where they all live?
you guys need to get out, mix it up a bit.
take the occasional deep breath, and
take off your blinders.

more photos from far-flung orphans

garrett davis pulls this shit all the time.
he got in to cycling when he was still in high school.
he had a road bike, and ralph, chad, lippold and i used to take him out
and beat the shit out of him . . .
drag him like a new pair of levi's, just to break him in.
the kid got good, and then left for college.
so then, fat and out of shape, he comes back.
we take him out, and beat the living shit out of him again.
son of a bitch moves again.
but this time, to colorado.
hooks up with ralph, kelly, randy, bob, all those folks.
but instead of getting lazy and laid,
he gets fast. upgrades to a cat 2,
and then managed to go to the dominican republic earlier this month.
photos from his trip can be seen here.
you should see these. read his comments.
they give you a real feel for what racing in central america is like.
please notice that there is not a single photo of garrett with his teammates,
including our good friend, dewey dickie.
word is dewey didn't say a fucking thing to him.
i think that's a good sign.
thanks, garrett.
come back and tell us a story.
[i've been told the link didn't work. i tried to fix it. hopefully...]
try the hot link above, or this one, which might be the suspect link...

it's like magic!

.. .. .. .. ..
just as every great magician, or man of mystery and intrigue,
has a lovely and talented assistant, so, too, does our man chris maharry.
or so it might seem.
.. .. .. .. ..
at today's "squirl's nest time trial,"
nearly 100 of the state's best off-road bike racers
braved the elements to race under ideal conditions on a brand new course.
laid out by brian "squirl" pottoff,
the state of iowa's premier course layer outer,
this challenging route wound up and down the beautiful trails
in and around the des moines art center and the old science center,
in the heart of capitol city's
best and most challenging off-road trail network.
you say you couldn't make it because of some lame-ass excuse or another?
hung over? couldn't find your helmet? shoes didn't fit?
your car won't let you drive west of tiffin?
lame, lame lame.
.. .. .. .. ..
[by the way, we'd like to thank all the women who showed up
to show us their chops on the dirt. really, we'd love to.
maybe we'll have to call this "time trial like a girl" next year.]
.. .. .. .. ..
but worry not. the orphanage has you covered.
our intrepid staff photographer, little stevie wonder,
fresh from his internship with chris maharry,
off-road race promoter par excellence,
was on the scene.
he's not only a racer,
he's a race photographer, too.
there are over 50 from today's race.
but explore the place.
he has some serious bike porn from the tour of missouri,
the hyvee triathlon, the salsberry auto show,
and some other very cool stuff.
give yourself some time;
there are hundreds of very good photos there.
he's not just another pretty face with a camera;
he's got a great eye, and a long lens.
thanks, stevie!
another orphan does good.


it's ragbrai, without the bikes and tents.
but also, without paris.

de plas - the bike

the bike

danny's sad--his bike was stolen.
his bike was stolen?
his bike was stolen by the lake.
there's a bar at the lake.
he got very drunk.
there's someone else's bike outside the bar.
THAT'LL show 'em.

Friday, September 21, 2007

no comment

y'all can argue right or wrong now.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


there's so many goddamned fuckwads out there,
you can't swing a cat in a gunnysack without knocking a few over.
wanna know what one writer thinks of our fuckwad-in-chief?
read this. it's great, it says exactly what i think,
and all i have to do is include a link to it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

arrr, today's sermonette. ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

Arrr, what's this damned bird doin' on me head? Gar.
Yarr! Weigh anchor! Hoist the mizzen!
Savvy, ye scallywag?! Or ye will be in Davey Jones' locker soon, ye Landlubber!
Thar she blows!
Ahoy, wtf? Aye.
dogs ahoy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

from the department of duh

aww, what does this old fart know about anything?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

from the lens of the sermonette's intrepid shooter

i have narcolepsy. i can, and do, fall asleep in lots of weird places.
. . . . .

but i don't remember a situation like this not on ragbrai
look closely: new meaning to "sleeping on the wet spot"
and speaking of unusual weight loss programs, this fella was seen cruising along the neal smith trail during the recent august heat wave, 90+ at 300 pm. had his mid-80s vintage helmet on, though. safety first, and all that.

thanks for the photos, jimmy olson.

by the way: THIS just in. who says there's no irony in the world?

landis hearing is closed

[note: i found this, seriously buried well within the bowels of the new york times website tonight, while trying to find something--anything--about jason's win in the vuelta. has cycling REALLY fallen this far? i mean, i had to click on "other sports" three or four times to find even THIS!]

Published: September 15, 2007

Arbitrators in the Floyd Landis doping hearing met for the final time this week and declared the hearing officially closed, meaning a decision on the fate of Landis, the 2006 Tour de France winner, must come by Sept. 22.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

one of these scenes . . .

. . . will never be found in america, while
. . . one will never be found in europe.
do you know which is which?
can anyone explain why the hell not?

fair warning

heaven knows i'm not perfect.
but, if They're telling the truth,
They'll confide that i AM "pretty good."
. . . . .
what probably counts against me the most
is my slightly sardonic sense of humor.
what an example?

how to improve your negotiating position

+ + + + +
from velosnooze:
For Americans racing in Europe,
it's very important to have these good moments,"
a joyous McCartney said of his win.
"I haven't seen my family for two months
and it's hard to be so long away from home."
The win comes just as McCartney's career faces a turning point,
so the timing couldn't have been better as far as he was concerned.
"I'm still looking for a new team in 2008." McCartney said,
"so I hope this win will help. I don't want to stop riding a bike.
Cycling is my big passion. I even use it to ride to the grocery store."
[who the hell told HIM about stealth miles? damn!]

iowa state -- iowa prediction

lovely iowa state university hosts cross-state rival...
university of iowa at 1230 today. prognosticators fear a blow-out.
i think it's going to be an old-fashioned, knock-down drag-out:
. . .
the pass will be big,
the receiver's hands will be small.
but at the end of the game,
the kicker takes all.
iowa state 15,
iowa 13
[mark my word--you read it here first!]

Thursday, September 13, 2007

a quiet milestone

it almost managed to slip by completely unnoticed, not surprisingly,
but this week marks the first anniversary of today's sermonette.
september 10, 2006, featured the above photo of my hero, mr. natural.
since then, well, this is post #503...
i have had over 60,000 visitors, from all over the damned world!
i don't understand any of it.
but i HAVE enjoyed the dialogue that has developed from time to time.
i have also had some unbelievably sad news to report.
it's been cathartic, therapeutic, and enlightening.
and it's been fun.
i want to thank all of you who read this,
with special thanks to those who read this, and still come back for more.
to those who take the time to post comments, anonymous or not,
thanks so much for contributing to what i really hope has been
the spreading of even a little bit of understanding.
please tell your friends.
thanks--the mostly reverend

something rad for price, dorothy & chad

A community off-road ride and fundraiser for
the Price Vandelune Memorial Fund
Dear fellow bike riders:
We were all saddened by the untimely passing of Price Vandelune
and would like to take the opportunity to
invite you to join in an off-road celebration
Saturday, September 22 at noon
on the beautiful Science Center off-road trail system.
We will meet at
Ashworth Pool, 45th & Grand, Des Moines,
and embark upon a leisurely, fun and joyous celebration of
life, friendship and trails.
We invite the participation of the bike riding community and
request at least a $20 donation to the Price Vandelune Memorial Fund.
Oakley has been kind enough to donate
an autographed pair of glasses from Pro Tour Rider Bobby Julich
to be raffled to participants in the ride.
If you are unable to attend, consider a donation,
and you will be entered in the drawing (need not be present to win).
Please note, this ride is at your own discretion and
the organizers are doing this as a community event to honor
the friendship of all bike riders and enjoy the afternoon together.
. . . . .
Join us or donate by stopping at
Rasmussens Bike Shop to buy a ticket(s) OR
mailing a check to
the price vandelune memorial fund
c/o the orphanage
kim west,
p.o. box 13133,
des moines, ia 50310.
please note your desire to entered in the raffle when mailing checks,
and please email me at
to let me know, so i can get you into the raffle ASAP!
Marc Hollander:
Rob Versteegh:
Thanks for your time, kind thoughts
and support for our friends in their time of need.
Marc T. Hollander & Rob Versteegh, and
the mostly reverend

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

random thoughts--updated

i've had a hard time getting very excited about bike riding lately.
oh, i've gone out; in fact, i rode nearly 470 kilometers last week,
despite missing two days for various reasons.
but since taking a knock on the noggin two months ago,
the wind just hasn't filled my sails like it had earlier.
funeral today that shouldn't be, and that makes no sense.
another one in the planning stages for a kid far too young,
who stumbled and fell over what many of us
skipped and tripped merrily over for years.
too many preventable and avoidable deaths and injuries
resulting from people who are too busy, too angry, too inconsiderate.
too many broken hearts,
too many tear ducts working overtime.
chad, dorth; marty, sharon--i'm so sorry.
so very sorry.
. . . . .
my long time friend and mentor michael fatka kicked a hornet's nest
that's been bugging me for a long time yesterday,
and the swarm emerged instantly, indignantly,
and also, ignorantly.
history lesson, kiddies. listen up:
michael fatka knows more about cycling, and bike racing,
than anyone else in this state.
he fought long and hard to give women a real, equal footing
on a national and international level.
why don't you ask someone older than 40 [probably 45] about
where the real heart of racing was in the 70s and 80s.
the birthplace of how many national champions?
how many players on the world cycling stage?
ask someone.
if they don't mention michael fatka, michael's cyclery,
or ames, iowa, in the first two minutes, politely walk away.
point in fact: my new little track bike, the red trek from the early 80s,
with shimano ax, carries the name "peggy maas" on the top tube.
i asked michael about it. he told me about peggy,
where she raced, who she used to race for,
and who she was hanging out with the last he'd heard.
i'd spent hours on the internet trying to learn anything about her,
and michael offered it up like fresh zucchini.
you boys who think you know good bike shops don't know squat
until you've spent hours, days, seasons sitting on the sofa at michael's,
reading the telegrams from andy hampston telling about THE giro stages.
till you see, and touch, and play with, bikes, jerseys, photos, articles
about the forefathers of the sport you claim to know.
everybody knows about the recent antics of steve tilford,
but who knows how he got there?
ask michael. he does.
he got him where he is--ask tilford about michael.
before you jump all over michael for not attending these races,
do you know how honored you would be if he DID show up?
do you know what a resource you are wasting
by not asking him a thing or two?
ASK michael.
now would be a GREAT time, since this may be the first time most of you
have even heard of this legendary cycling icon.
and i'm asking you to treat him with the respect that he deserves.
the man is an encyclopedia of knowledge,
and a fool is the person who ignores it.
michael's point is absolutely dead on,
and for you to attack him, or criticize him,
without questioning yourselves, your words,
with an eye on context and history, is foolish.
i understand that the "race like a girl" series is much-needed,
and long-overdue.
i applaud all those [especially dave, jane and donny]
who have worked long and hard to bring it to this point.
i further applaud and support--as i have said in person and print--
the women who are taking part in it.
i always encourage them and others to engage in
this wonderfully demanding and fulfilling sport.
but before this series was even mentioned,
i had questioned many folks, female and male,
about even the use of the term "gal" instead of "woman"
as a term of derrogation, with demeaning connotations.
in my experience, gal, chick, and other terms have long since been
tossed in the trash bin with the n-word, the f-word, and others.
words which do not belong in polite--or even civil--discourse.
and i still feel that way.
michael and i are of an era when women had to fight
for a place at the table,
and few were the men who were willing to join them in the battle.
for me, it was the fight for abortion rights,
the larger battle for electoral representation,
the right for economic equality,
educational equality, social equality, legal equality.
the right to be treated as a human, not a subset thereof.
sadly, because of incremental, more visible gains that have been made,
the masses believe that the goals have been met, that the war is over.
it is not.
the title "race like a girl," although "cute," is demeaning, a throw-back,
like separate waterfountains for whites and coloreds.
for micheal, it was this and more.
and his "more" included cycling.
as i grew with the sport of bike racing, his shops,
three different locations over the years, were places that were home
to racers and employees and customers of both genders.
to the extent that women's racing exists on a national level today,
a long overdue tip of the cycling cap goes to michael fatka,
and the old michael's cyclery in ames.
cycling in iowa today owes him better than what you're giving him.
i'll say it: thanks, michael.
[by the way, i still have the 1974 motobecane i bought at your first shop,
and the velodyne i won at the big store, and still use them.]
. . . . .
later this same day, i received this email from a reader,
who had cross-posted on bikeiowa:
For all you "newbie" racers,
maybe you should get a better idea of exactly WHO Michael is
before you tear into him any further.
He has done more for women in cycling than
any 4 or 5 race/training series will ever do.
I believe Kim pretty well sums it up, VERY well, in his latest blog. Kim!!
You very eloquently put into words,
what I've been trying to verbalize since this whole thing blew up.
Bear with me while I wax reminiscent here, folks.
Kim's mention of the loafing area at Michael's old shop
brought back a flood of memories for me.
That was my favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning, hang out in the loafing area, reading Andy Hampsten's latest postcard...mailed from some race in Europe, playing with the shop cats, discussing new (and old) technology with Ron, BS'ing with whatever bike-orphan was living at the shop for the time being. Browsing all the bicycle history that Michael had adorning the walls of his shop. Truly, two-wheeled paradise. My brother, who still lives in Ames, STILL considers it a rare treat whenever he might encounter Michael cycling the roads around Ames. On such an occasion, just to spend even 15 or 20 minutes with Michael as we rode back into town, is something I truly miss now that I'm no longer in Ames. For those that didn't race back in the day....those that only know carbon fiber frames, Lance Armstrong, and Gucci wheelsets...believe it or not, cycling did exist in Iowa prior to all those things. Michael was an integral part of that history...if not the foundation. AND....a few American pro's owe their careers to Michael for the strings he pulled to get them in the European peloton. Heck, I don't even have enough fingers to count the number of women that I am personally aware of that started racing because of Michael's influence...whether it be direct mentoring, sponsorship, or anything in between. I can only imagine how many women I'm NOT personally aware of. I completely agree with someone who had so much to do with getting women on bicycles, taking offense to the name. How about this, Josh? Instead of race like a girl (which suggests that racing like a girl might be lesser than racing like anything else), how about "Women's Cycling Clinic"...or was that just so simple a solution that it escaped your thoughts? Or maybe "Ride Like a Racer"...because isn't that what you're really trying to do? Get people, whether men or women, to graduate from bike riding to bike racing?
Sigh...anyhoo..thanks for listening.
. . . . .
[the mostly reverend says: thanks, rod.]

Sunday, September 09, 2007

discovered while cycling on a sunday

the all9yards elite team had the rare opportunity sunday to go out for an early september training ride with a few pro triathletes, in town for some late-season marathon training. after encountering some entertaining traffic, we happened to encounter a little backyard revelry and beer making at the headquarters of swiss family robinson.
after sampling the locally-brewed fat tire ale for a couple hours, the crew rolled out, checking out the latest in des moines asphalt.
all was good.
thanks, steve!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

from chad: vandelune updates

Kim here are the details.
If you could send this out for me it would be great.
First we want to say thanks for all the support.
The out-pouring of love has been overwhelming.

Visitation will be Monday from 6pm to 8pm
at Hamilton's funeral home,
605 Lyon Street in Des Moines.
The Funeral will be Tuesday morning at 10:30
at New Life Church,
6036 NE 12th Avenue, Pleasant Hill.
. . . . .
the price vandelune memorial fund
has been established at the first american bank, in des moines.
checks may be sent to:
the orphanage,
p.o. box 13133
des moines, iowa 50310
. . .
if you would like to help chad & dorothy in other ways,
feel free to contact me at for suggestions.

Friday, September 07, 2007

thank you, madeleine l'engle

for making me lie awake in the middle of the night during
the bulk of the 1963-64 school year.
it wasn't like i didn't have enough to worry about, what with the space race, the kennedy assassination, the cold war, and the growing number of american "advisors" being sent to french indochina.
you had to write a book so compelling it made this impressionable little 5th read and re-read this thing, pondering the whys and wherefores of the physical dimensions of the universe, the irreconcilabilities of religion, and the foolishness of homework when so much that mattered was going unaddressed in the curriculum of upper elementary education.
i am forever in your debt, ms. l'engle.
merci, beaucoup.

it's that time of year, again...

the players, this time round...


mr. t [needs no sidekick]

we resume our story... mr. bin laden, not wanting to worry his mother that he might really be dead, will be issuing another press release in time for this weekend's talking head shows.

dubya will be saying we need to remain firm in our resolve and that the surge is working [they no longer say "stay the course" or "cut and run"--it seems "victory vs. surrender" is the verbage currently in vogue] but he just wants to ensure the republican candidates support more war.

but the one true american hero will be able to cut through the bullshit, and accomplish the task everyone, it seems, has been talking about.

can he do it? he already has, and here's the proof.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

too soon

as cyclists, we recognize that death is an unwelcome
but calculated risk of our passion for riding,
but we do that calculation anticipating a motor vehicle as the instrumentality.
we also have the benefit of being reasoned, rational adults
as we undertake and accept the consequences of our choice.
. . . . .
never do we rationally recognize death as any sort of realistic risk,
simply for being a little child, a joyous infant, a beacon of life.
all of us at the sermonette deeply mourn your loss.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

sometimes the truth makes me need to...

. . . vomit.
[thanks, mark h.]

labor day racing, st. louis style

this clip is just over 3 minutes long. there is a great shot of the pack rolling through in 100 degree weather. it is worth the view. our own jared is shown gaining some criterium experience. authentic music, too.

again--this time, muscatine

from mark wyatt, of the iowa bicycle coalition:
The Muscatine County Sheriff's Office this morning is investigating a fatal hit-and-run accident that occurred about 9:45 p.m. Tuesday north of Muscatine. A man believed to be in his 40s or 50s was struck and killed while riding a bicycle south in the 1600 block of North Mulberry. The manwas pronounced dead at the scene. Sheriff's deputies are seeking information to find the driver that left the scene. The vehicle will have damage to the front end, which might include a broken headlight, Capt. C.J. Ryan said this morning. Anyone with information is asked to call Det.Mike Bailey at (563) 264-0188, Ext. 115. The Iowa State Patrol is assisting the Muscatine County Sheriff's Office, and the Wilton Fire Department, Muscatine County Sheriff's Patrol and Muscatine Ambulance also assisted at the scene.
. . . . . .
you will find all the latest information here,
including a possible ride to services in muscatine.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the wonderful world of politics

From a conversation between Philip Baruth and Pat Leahy:
VDB: And as you get your coat on, I have to ask just one more.
You apparently once introduced Jerry Garcia to Strom Thurmond
in the Senate Dining Room.
And I gotta know: what was said between the two of them at that meeting?
At that major summit?

Leahy: [Putting the coat immediately back down]
My mother, God rest her soul, used to say,
"Patrick, people think you're not serious when you do these things,
like Batman and the Grateful Dead."
I once made the comment that if I could do anything I wanted to do in life,
if I had to work for a living, I'd be a photographer.
But Marcelle and I used to sit up by the sound guy, on stage,
for some of the Dead concerts, and we'd leave just before the last song.
So the last time they played Washington I said,
"Hey, why don't you guys stay tonight.
I'll give you a tour of the Capital,
and take you to lunch in the Senators' Dining Room."

And Jerry, who was usually very shy, says, "Great idea!" I said, "You gotta wear a tie - you can wear one of yours [the Garcia Collection]," but he says, "I don't wanna wear one of those." [Laughing]

Now the cops at the Capital all wanna get Jerry Garcia's autograph, turns out. So we're sitting at a big round table, and Woody Harrelson was with us at the time, and Strom Thurmond comes in and suddenly someone points out to him who Jerry Garcia is, and Thurmond comes over and says [imitating Thurmond's inch-thick Southern accent], "I say, boy!" and yanks Garcia to his feet.

He whacks Garcia on the shoulder, and Strom says, "I see you're here with my good friend Senator uh . . . from uh . . . well anyway, I'm Strom Thurmond, and I'm the oldest member of the United States Senate, you hear me, boy?" I'd worked with him for twenty-five years, and he couldn't remember me. But then he whacks Garcia again. Poor Jerry's rocking back and forth.

VDB: [Cracking up]

Leahy: Strom says, "Now when you go back to Texas - " and Jerry interrupts and says, "California, Sir" - but Thurmond yells, "Wherever!" and he whams Jerry on the back again. "When you git home, you tell 'em you met the oldest member of the United States Senate, you hear me, boy!" Wham again. "Because they'll want to know that, see? Oldest member of the US Senate, see? You git me, boy?" Wham again!

So finally he drops Jerry's arm, and Garcia sort of sinks down in his seat.
And Mickey Hart leans over and says, "Jerry! Do you know who that was?"
And Jerry says, "Oh yeah, I do."
And then Jerry thinks about it, and he says,
"You know, I never had an experience anywhere like that,
even when I used to drop acid."

Monday, September 03, 2007

tips for modern parents...

telling the kids about republicans'
thanks to brian unger, and npr
. . . . .

you haven't seen it in THIS context

how i spend my thursdays, and why

how can you not love this stuff?

the mule visits the orphans!

it was a pretty exciting august for a few lucky orphans, let me tell you.
. . . . .
first, little scotty yoho got to travel to the minnesota state fair
to see robert randolph and the family band smoke through their
jimi hendrix experience tune-up set before making way for
the allman brothers band,
the official band of the orphanage.
scotty was able to meet several of the brothers,
including oteil, marc, jaimoe, derek, and warren,
and was able to meet a few of the legendary abb road crew,
past and present.
. . . . .
then, a few days later, little jeffy cozad and fry guy hopped on
the orphanage tour bus and headed to harrah's casino in
beautiful council bluffs, where they would be spending
"an evening with the allman brothers band."
set in the casino's little amphitheater,
we found ourselves onstage,
about six feet from where gregg allman was positioned-
-with a clean, unfettered, and up-close view of the entire band
for the entire 2+ hour set.
the amphitheater is really a pretty cool little set-up,
with not a bad seat in the place.
from what i could tell from my roaming around during the show,
there's not much difference from the reserved seats and the general admission, other than the $10 price.
if you go cheap, take a chair, or a boogie blanket.
the band, which spent a day off thursday at the casino,
was well-rested, and continued their relaxing ways on friday.
marc and derek, for example, played a round of golf at the on-site course.
surprised at his interest in the "sport" derek told me that he gets out maybe six times a year, and hit his average of "around 90" this time, too. he and marc were joking during the set about sore shoulders
during the first part of the show.
jeff and fry guy were able to meet derek, warren, and oteil, as i recall,
along with a whole bunch of after show fans. that's always a trip.
kfmg/kggo personality andre was there, at 1000 pm,
with his sunglasses on, soliciting signatures on a drumhead.
i signed a fan's t-shirt.
somewhere out there is an "eat a peach for peace" shirt
with every band member's john hancock PLUS mine.
now, THAT'S collectable.
. . . . .
the whole point of this is this:
gov't mule is coming to hoyt sherman auditorium
friday, november 2, as a part of their "mighty high tour,"
in support of the band's latest album,
"mighty high,"
a 70-minute EP featuring all reggae tunes.
i think grace potter's band will be with them here in des moines, too.
wanna go? let me know.
[last time the mule was here, we all went to dinner before the show.]

Sunday, September 02, 2007

for pete's sake! [an attempt at fairness]

there's this list, and then there's this list.
what? that one's not sexy enough?
okay. try this list.
but remember, this post-
-as with all such posts-
-is for educational purposes only.
please do not gamble, wager, or speculate on its contents.

new 24 hour king!!

[exclusive sermonette photo]
. . . . .
shown cresting yet another hill on a moonlit night,
squirrel "brian" pottorff scorched the seven oaks course last night
to ride away with the $1000 purse.
no word yet regarding rumors that he opted to take it in fat tire ale.
nice riding, brian.
. . . . .
also: congratulations to jared and levi...
oh, and appalachian state! [a chorus of "overrated"?]