Saturday, August 25, 2012

for sale: VINTAGE 1964 COMET travel trailer, 13'

 these photos were taken while camping at the recent iowa state fair, august 9-19. ours was the only little, old trailer in the campgrounds, population 65,000.

 because of the relative tiny size of our Comet, we enjoyed a large yard
the little trailer is very clean, inside and out. as you can see, i have not finished polishing the exterior, but as you can also see, it "shinies up" quite nicely. 
 the windows all open nicely, and it comes with one propane tank [hidden here under a yellow t-shirt]
 set up with this little thing was a dream. you can see remnants of the original blue graphics on the side, and in other views, in the front. there are wide stripes at the belt line, and a thinner one near the top.  the front consists of a wide "V" while the rear is plain white; all original paint.
 the unpolished rear shows the very nice condition of the exterior of this little gem.  we DO have an original-style red side light for the rear, along with the original rim for the light. it WILL be installed by the time you read this.
 this view gives another view of the very nice exterior, and a glimpse of the interior. this Comet features a large access door to the rear storage compartment. it also gives a hint to the brand new curtains, made from vintage-style fabric which enhances the outside graphics, and which also really ties together the inside of the trailer.
 the first shot in a series of views which will give a tour of the inside, from rear to front. this shows the "coat closet," ice box, and sleeping area. note, also, the original cot over the bed, which, while it might hold a kid, certainly DOES serve duty as a fantastic overhead storage space. EVERYthing inside is original [drawer hardware, light fixtures, wood paneling--everything, except the blue shag carpet, which was added at some point in its long life.]
 this view shows the door, in closed position, and a hint of the dinette, which is a splendid 50-60s diner style booth that opens up to a little bed, which sleeps one or two [quite familiarly, that is].
 another view of the dining booth, showing one of the three original copper electric lamps. another like this one is in the sleeping area, while the third is a smaller lamp in the kitchen area.
 this view shows the dinette, with its picture window-like view, allowing approximately 210-degree visibility. very gracious, indeed. it also shows the humphrey propane gas lamp, with new original-style glass globe [and TWO new mantles].
 this view shows a very clean three-burner stove/oven, and one of the very shiny copper cupboard knobs.  the table top is in very nice condition.  the bed opens quite nicely and with great ease.  there is storage under both seats. hopefully, you have noticed the overhead cupboards the run the width of the Comet.
 this photo shows the kitchen area, with sink, oven/stove, cupboards, drawers, very cool vintage paper towel holder, electric light, and also proves that we are coffee junkies, with an old percolator and bialetti espresso maker visible.
 this photo gives another view of the sleeping area, and more of the kitchen zone. you can see a bit of the copper bedroom light, and the child's cot
 another long shot of the bedroom and kitchen. note the kind of flesh-toned/biege sink. the paper towel holder is the same tourquoise/aqua as the dining booth. there is a LOT of storage in this little trailer, which made our 10-day run at the fair a real treat. we are selling this only because we found and bought a 1962 winnebago trailer.
this photo is really the only photo that does NOT accurately show the true color of the items shown. the interior of the oven is a dark blue. but it is really quite clean, as is the entire trailer.


Ann D said...
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Ann D said...
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Winnylinr said...

This looks like a fantastic trailer! We had a 1955 Comet and admit I regret selling it. Are there any leaks? Does the back sofa fold out to a double bed? Your trailer seems to use space very efficiently and has a lot more storage.

the mostly reverend said...

no leaks. yes, the sofa DOES open up. and yes, there is a ton of storage space in here.
call me at 515.669.8318 to talk

PamtheCurandera said...

Has this sold yet? If not, I have a friend in Des Moines I'd like to send over to inspect.
Thanks, Pam Tomlin
ruidoso, NM

Jody said...

I WANT THIS!!! :-) now to see about winning the lottery or something.....