Monday, August 25, 2008


. . . . .
hardin county passed the exact same ordinance that dallas county was considering.
it passed unanimously.
looks like another group of towns that won't be seeing
ragby roll down their roads.


bryan said...

trust me, there's nothing worth riding past in Hardin county.

the mostly reverend said...

well, the very first iowa games road race [1987, i think] went through that little town just north of eldora, near pine lake, and it's a quaint little place--steamboat rock, it is.
ragby has gone through the county many times [eldora, iowa falls, alden and more], and the iowa river there is quite lovely.
i was the public defender in hardin county for several years, and was in eldora 3 to 4 times a week for four or five years. i trained on the paved and gravel roads up there almost daily, and really enjoyed it.
sadly, there are a bunch [or at least enough] stupid elected officials up there who act according to their intelligence.

Z said...

No... There are a lot of reasons to ride in Hardin County... about 97 more of them. Those are the other counties that still haven't hopped on the highway to bicycle hell. I'm thinking that we need a little ride, get a citation issued, and fight them in the courts. It's not the best approach, but it seems like it's about the only thing that will work.

the mostly reverend said...

i'm up for that, man. let's get some thing arranged. i'll advertise it on the radio show and my blogs and on bike iowa dot com AND org.

as chef said, "fudge 'em."

bryan said...

hmmm ... it seems my Hardin County experiences haven't included those places.

Curse you, State Correctional Institute!

the mostly reverend said...

you'll notice we are NOT going by the "training school."