Wednesday, August 20, 2008

good for what ails ya

there are some things, some days, some situations, that only a good healthy dose of frank zappa will cure, or at least make better. it's not like a shot of penicillin or cortisone; no, a course of zappa treatment is much better and much more effective than those. but zappa is also great preventive medicine.
you've been advised; it's not my fault if you don't take it.
today's course: joe's garage.
you'll thank me after you listen to the entire song.


lost78 said...

There's always Titties 'n' Beer to make me smile.

P.S. Joe's Garage is about to be put on by L.A.'s Open Fist Theatre.

Z said...

But what about Mary and Toad-Oh?

zencomix said...

It'll be Zappadan before you know it.