Monday, August 25, 2008

i think i want to ride around hardin county again

you know, it's been a while since i've ridden the lovely, quiet roads in hardin county: pine lake, the iowa river valley and cliffs, little steamboat rock, the gently rolling hills from alden into radcliffe, and the undulations going east into union along D65...
whatd'ya say? want to go for a little ride with me and maybe 20 friends on labor day? this is what i'm thinking:
meet in garden city. it's a quiet little town in southwest hardin county, about eight miles east of I-35 at the randall exit. we can roll east on D65 about 18 miles to union, and head north on S62. we take that north through the mighty burg of gifford and along some gently climbing hills into eldora [where they'll actually have some open stores for food and sustenance, and then continue north past the beautiful iowa river on the west side and pine lake on the east, and on into steamboat rock [little tree-covered town] and north nearly up to ackley, where we head west to iowa falls [more food and drink] and on into alden. we head south, more gentle rollers, past the ghost of buckeye, and the inviting little rollers that welcome you to radcliffe. just a few more wind-swept miles, and we're back to garden city.
our dream tour of hardin county is over, we've covered a little over 80 miles, and we've proven that an advertised ride of over 20 cyclists CAN travel hardin county roads with no casualties, and hopefully no one will get arrested.
any takers?
[p.s. is this the action of a patient and understanding cyclist? i hope it doesn't appear that way.]


Steve Fuller said...

Hmmmm. Hardin County.... sounds like a fun time.

lost78 said...

I think I could be available for something like this. I do love a good protest.