Wednesday, September 20, 2006

it's time to
ask the mostly reverend!!
once each week,
i reach into the mailbag at the orphanage,
and pull out that one letter that really tugs at my heart,
that cries out for special loving attention,
that comes from the heart of a tortured soul,
that asks something so private, so personal,
so deeply held that it begs for me to share it with my readers.
it's now that time again!
so let's see what the mailbag yields...
"dear the mostly reverend,
i live in a small town, and . . ."
dear readers--
would YOU like to have YOUR questions answered by
the mostly reverend? he knows quite a bit of stuff,
has done quite a few things over the years,
and thinks he knows even more.
he's given lots of sage advice over the years,
and will no doubt give more
in the years to come.
the mostly reverend's advice is probably
about the same, or better, than the advice
you'd pay a shrink $200 an hour to ignore.
so send your questions to:
"ask the mostly reverend," at today's sermonette,
simply by hitting the "comments" link.
you WON'T regret it.
[and, yes, you can ask a question "for a friend" who has this problem,
and is too embarassed to ask.]

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