Friday, September 29, 2006

you know, i am, and have always been by nature,
an extremely modest person.
but this photo, taken by momma squirrel,
at wednesday's 1/4 rage, just before i started,
is really testing my resolve.
i mean, LOOK at this scene:
single-speed cross bike--a ralph, no less--
[none of this surly stuff for me, thanks]
casey's winter cycling gloves, no bottle,
long-sleeved skinsuit,
very colorful cinelli hairnet,
and a red COWBELL!!
hop on the bike, throw a quarter entry fee
in your pocket on your way out of the house,
ride a couple miles to a bike race,
promoter's scooter at the start line...
is this living, or what?
i may be in big denial about my age,
but SOME things are going quite well:
i raced with many of my friends, got my ass handed to me,
knocked a couple minutes off my previous time,
went home and lifted weights, and my back is great,
get to do a couple more races this weekend,
and get my ass handed to me AGAIN.
life is good, and for that i am thankful.
terri, thanks for capturing this moment.
izzy's gonna rock!

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