Tuesday, September 26, 2006

my daily horoscope
for september 26, 2006...

Today's Outlook: Yesterday's struggles continue as aggressive Mars forms an irritating quincunx with electric Uranus. After touching suppressed emotions, our tendency today is to act impulsively without thinking through the consequences. We want to make light of what has happened and it could be difficult to find a comfortable middle ground. The transformational Scorpio Moon only intensifies our feelings. Even taking action now may not solve the problem.

i know this is juvenile and all that, but--even as 53 is just a few days away, i still feel juvenile at times, and hate it when the stars tell me what i already sense. suppressed emotions, impulsive actions, no thought of consequences, make light of things, intense feelings, actions may not help, and the always irksome condition when uranus is electric.

watch out on the ride tonight. maybe my earlier excursion with dave will settle me down.

and did i mention that i was attacked by a couple of ground-dwelling HIVES of bees yesterday?
ungrateful bastards. "EAT ORTHO!!" i screamed as i soaked their hives.

probably where the electricity comes from--i found a bee in my shorts a couple hours later. got away before i could kill it.


Neve_r_est said...

You should talk to this guy http://www.crankarmdog.blogspot.com/

That'll make feel relatively mature.

the mostly reverend said...

maturity IS a relative thing: i have been 50+ for three years now. i neither accept nor feel it. 50 feels like 40s, but with a lot more denial. is that a sign of maturity? remind me to tell you about my 50th birthday sometime...

oh, back to the "relative maturity" thing: my older relatives always seemd "mature" to me, but i equated that with "fucked up" and they're all dead now, anyway. so now, i guess, mature means fuckin' dead, and i don't want to be THAT, either. wotta conundrum.