Sunday, September 10, 2006

today's sermonette...

a series of memorable and forgettable rants, ramblings, and stories from the road.

"tell me a story."

and so it always begins. we're riding along, taking in nature, and to make the miles pass, someone has to talk. i do it for a living, so i'm not often shy about it.

so what did i do today? well, the morning began as it usually does: coffee, oatmeal and harry potter. feed the dogs, let them out, and back in, and then head out the door to meet rooby [and it turns out fairbairn, newell, and gummi]. mental note: it takes four minutes longer to get there than i'd thought, from the orphanage to ankeny. very moist this morning. a nice ride on roads i've been riding for nearly forty years. yeow. scott and i talk a LOT about wrestling, drinking, and folks that do either or both. we also avoid pulling. talking about old race courses [fairgrounds crit, maxwell roadrace], tillson's hill. rooby and i demonstrate how to drop people: attack, wait for the momentary pause, then jump and bridge. then go home, happily.

later in the day, i drove to ames and did a wedding in brookside park. i've done a lot of things in brookside park over the years; a LOT of things, but i never thought i'd do something so legal and so much a part of the fabric of mainstream america as unite a man and a woman in holy, or at least legal, matrimony. and i think i lined up the wedding of the videographer and his fiancee. afterward, i went to the tip top lounge and had a beer with a fast-talking son of a mobster from vegas named bobby passilamas, or something. just ended a 40-month stay in a federal prison in illinois for gun-running: ak-47s, buy them for $120, selling them for $450 to the el foresteros motor cycle gang. gave him my business card. i'm fearful he'll call. talked with another guy wearing a t-shirt that said: "i didn't do it, nobody saw me do it. i don't want to say anything; i want to talk to my lawyer." i gave HIM a card, too. he'll make a good client.

not bad for a saturday.

give thanks for your bicycle, and ride it tomorrow, too.


Bike Tech Racing said...

OK, Kim. I look forward to your ramblings. I got up to race at Lake McBride, but the rain drove me to this machine.
Thanks, John

Squirrel said...

El Foresteros.... I saw some of those mates at the last Tyler Thompson show...they didn't offer up any fire power, just some small talk of thanks I find trouble purdy easily on my own:) I'd say you'll be getting some business:)


Pete Basso said...

Bout time Kimmy, you've got a lot of great stuff to say. can't wait to read your blog in the future. thanks for the great ride's been a l o n g time since I've done that!! Talk to you soon,

Wiseoldie said...

Kim, I really am looking forward to your blogosermons. When do you get to the part about drugs?