Wednesday, September 20, 2006

quarter rage?
i'm GLAD i won!!
dq hosted the first of several wednesday night races
at the trails, somewhere south of my house.
it was a noisy, boisterous event, complete with
a film crew filming the event for the discovery channel.
everything was in place for a special performance.
well, to make a long story short,
i pulled out another trail-scorching ride.
all along the route there was
the joyous ring and peel of cowbells,
and the cries of adoring fans and spectators
i'm shown here, accepting my congratulatory
kisses and gropes from the podium girls.
[thanks, donny]
seriously, i had no idea that single speed cross bikes
were considered that sexy!
it's gonna be a great season. see ya next week, fools.

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