Friday, September 22, 2006

the lord works in strange ways;
of this there can be little debate.
one person's lord, or agent therefor, has been
responsible for maybe 75% of
the world's greatest and bloodiest conflgrations,
including most of the world's current trouble and strife.

it is said that god's handiwork is found everywhere, as a result.
at the same time, the presence of "the other side" in whatever
form or name that may take is likewise omnipresent.
just as one's man's trash is another man's treasure, so too with
religious articfacts and holy symbols.

who hasn't seen, or gone to eBay to see, the tortilla with the
face of jesus, or a moldy bread with the virgin mary's profile.
just after i moved to mason city,iowa, in 1983, just two blocks
from my home a statue of mary started crying "real tears," which
were bottled and given in exchange for a "contribution."

[i always feared, or longed for, something a bit more dramatic--lightning and
revelations-scaled upheavals, but a miracle is a miracle.]

but, we get what we get, and we are happy for it, right?
so perhaps this explains the joyousness felt by the owners of
the religious symbol proudly displayed at the site given below.
and so, without further comment, behold [and yes, there IS music]:

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