Saturday, November 04, 2006

flash--this just in!!!
knowing little more than that there is no conflict with this man's move, the mostly reverend has just agreed to make his return to competition at this year's living history run. the mostly reverend is shown here kickin' ass at a previous LHR.



good picture

the mostly reverend said...

why, thank you, jamesee-st-smile!
and thanks for stopping by. . . do come back again soon!

the mostly reverend said...

okay, after being made aware of a potential scheduling conflict with the cranksgiving thing the food bank is putting on, i realized that the LHrun is at 900 am, and the food bank thing is at noon, so i'm cool to do both, in theory.

Squirrel said...

RUNNING SUCKS.....or maybe I just suck at running:)

Peace and I'll see you on the fixie:)