Monday, November 06, 2006

things that keep me going:
1--tour of the southland GC, after stage 2:
14 Stephen Tilford (USA) Hilo Decorating 1.16
37 Thurlow Rojers (USA) Hilo Decorating 2.26
[note: everybody know steve tilford, right? kicks ass. but thurlow rogers? in case you don't recall him, at masters nationals 45+ this year, he won the time trial and the road race, while only getting 2d in the crit. his teammate won. he then went on to become WORLD master time trial champ. for more history about steve tilford, since it's cross season, check here. scroll down; read some of the names there. how many are still racing on the PRO level? paul curley has been kicking my ass for years, to name one. to learn more about thurlow, read here.]
2--learn my secrets!


Bike Tech Racing said...

full of shit has taken on a whole new meaning - little did I know it was some science thing
Kim are you going to be out for the jingle X in Ia City? I hope so.

the mostly reverend said...

i don't know what you mean!

but yes, i'll be there. just not competing! only heckling! so be ready. i'm telling you now, i'll be full of shit then!!!

Bike Tech Racing said...

Bring it on. I hope Team skin is there too.