Monday, November 06, 2006

a visit from the dark side
ahhhh . . . now THAT'S how mondays are supposed to be!
they said it was going to become partly sunny and 60 today,
but we got maybe 50 and chilly drizzle...
the perfect day for what we had in mind!
donny q, nathan and i on our rides, donny's shiny chrome raleigh fixed gear, nathan's spiffy new white bottechia fixed gear [anybody have a white fiz-ik saddle?], and me on the ralph ride of death [as i anxiously await the arrival of my schwinn racer!]. we set off for destinations in-town and caffeinated, and in the course of over 50 kilometers, we managed to get plenty of coffee, tea, beer, and dinner at the diner, in around 2 1/2 hours. for me, heartrates between 70 and 150 were perfect. trying to avoid big hills [my lung and clavicle, and dq and nathan's gears], we just rode our bikes. again, like bike racers are SUPPOSED to on a regular basis. none of this half-wheeling bullshit, no egos, no huffin' and puffin'--no fucking way, dude. godDAMN i like this time of year. and when i got back, there was a mysterious package stuffed in and out of my mailbox.
it was a squeezeable package from seattle. hmmmm.... my good man roger came through again for me, with a package of the evil empire's finest of the month.
ethiopia gemadro estate...with its wonderfully comples layers of flavors-herbal, cocoa powder-like spice and pungent citrus, accented by the slightest hint of eucalyptus...

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