Friday, November 17, 2006

for those of you too young to remember,
please take the time to read the entire article.
for those like me you endured his era,
which makes THIS one seem all too familiar,
read it and enjoy the fond memories!


Pete Basso said...

Kimmy - how fitting that you post this about Nixon today. I'm in Vegas and just finished watching a documentary of the history of Vegas. Part of it focused on how Howard Hughes hand picked Nixon, (and funded), for victory in his presidential bid. It was very interesting for those of us who did not live through this era. Man, Vegas has some really cool history here!!

the mostly reverend said...

missed you at the cranksthing today, pete...i would have kicked your ass on my 50 year-old 50 pound bike!!!

hurry home, dear--we'll need you monday night.