Tuesday, November 07, 2006

stage 1, palermo to catanina, saturday, may 21, 1949
the giro is 4070 kiometers long; the first break moves at kilometer 2: four riders, joined soon by four more. included is mario fazio, who once lived in catania. fazio snags the one minute king of the mountain bonus, and is at the base of the last climb into the finishing city, when he dies, surrenders. but the approaching cyclist is a solo attacker, and he bursts into life, fresh. the two surviving original attackers drop their challenger, and fazio enters the stadium, with this thought: his "eyes were seeking one thing. she was there, level with the finishing line: mama's face, plump, soothing, full of kindness, tranquility and laughter. never had he seen her cry and laugh at the same time."
results after stage 1-fazio, 261 km in 7:47:55 [ave 33.5 k/h, 2:00 bonus]; 2d- carrea [@ 6 bike elnghts, :45 bonus]; 4-coppi, @ 2:21; 6-bartalli, s.t.

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