Sunday, November 12, 2006

here's a great way to kill time
on a monday, or tuesday, or . . .
click on the picture, and then pop all the bubbles
time yourself, and turn up the volume
it's so gratifying; a true virtual experience.
my best time was 47 seconds.
can you beat that?
. . . . .
and on another topic . . .
with the IBRA sponsoring a state track championship for 2007,
it's time to get a real track bike, not just another old fixed gear bike.
it's easy to rationalize another bike when no one at the orphanage has veto power.
but the question facing me is this:
do i want to get some modern, aero carbon or aluminum framed bike,
or do i want steel is real, and if so, mass-produced, or handmade?
lugged? old-school high-flanged 36 spoke wheels? newer carbon wheels?
give me some feedback in the comment section, please.
there are scores of fixed gears frame options out there,
and i, um, would appreciate the opinions of others.
. . . . .
feeling musical? click here.
you'll be singing all day!


The Dr.'s better half said...

The reverend should not use anything of the new school - didn't you have problems with carbon? I'd say the higher flanged the better, more lugs better, all steel is best, you get the point. The reverend should know, I didn't disappoint in Moline yesterday.

the mostly reverend said...

you neither disappointed nor embarrassed, captain: you beat the whiz kid. how large was the margin of victory, and why didn't the doctor race???

i am leaning toward steel, but i just don't know....

captain said...

Dr. saw the race, and decided she will race on her B-day next weekend. My gift includes race entry and one-day license. The margin, well it was a muddy single-track laden course...healthy.

gpickle said...

It astounds me that this is even an issue, Kim. Get an Ira - OR ELSE!

Anonymous said...

you want this bike
or if you must have lugs perhaps this
pay close attention to the handlebars where the grips end.
also the second bike is equipped with high flanged phil wood hubs... also what you want.


gpickle said...

Sure Sacha cranks out some beautiful frames that win awards all over the world and races, too BUT the waiting list is longer than my, well you know. Ira learned everything he knows by God's grace but Sacha was the middle man AND we all know that the frame Ira built whilst under the tuttlage of said Sacha is the very frame that he rode to victory in the Tranny so his skill obviously is race worthy plus let us never forget that as of now there is no Ira bike in the state save for his dear mum's and every past orphan needs all the money he/she can get. An Ira frame will go nicely with your Ira skinsuit, too!

gpickle said...

Ah crud, the fallability of humankind! I abhor spelling errors and in general I consider myself to be an exemplary speller even as I take liberties with grammar and sentence sturcture and YES DAMN IT even punctuation in the David Foster Wallace tradition so it is with a heavy heart that I hereby correct my spelling of tuttlage to the proper tutelage. Uh, whoops!

the mostly reverend said...

[i jest figgurd you were tut-tutin' me, colonel pickel, for even bringing up the subject. i have MAJOR issues with the inability to edit one's comments on this place.]

did i mention that i was on a starvation budget, until i finish financing my own personal war on terror? THEN i shall reward myself with an ira bike.

i HAVE made a decision [steel, of course], and will be unveiling my new bikes as SOON as cyberly possible. one should be any day, now, and another shortly thereafter. oooooo, exciting.

but thanks for the feedback. i really HAVE gotten lots of opinions from various folks.