Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i was thinking tonight . . .

i was thinking about music tonight, and drifted off on old music videos, and thought of this one, which i used to sing over and over in my mind while doing time trials. then, i naturally moved to this one, which always set the entire household a-barking from the opening notes. well, next i started to think about other videos that were overplayed while i was tending bar at the poodle lounge in mason city, my second job out of law school. this one was always my favorite, although this format doesn't fully reveal the hypnotic movement of the band member's breasts. i was from that point forever in love with any woman with glossy red lips. then, naturally, i started thinking about some of the really clever music videos that have been made over the years, and this one just has to top the list. then, i remembered one of my favorite television shows [and that covers lots of turf]. and then i watched this one, and then this one. and then i realized i'd been working on this post too long. but on a personal note, i'm thinking of taking a MAJOR step in my life; doing something really drastic: i'm going to adopt!

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