Monday, May 05, 2008

another orphanage reunion

another cinco de mayo, and another orphanage reunion to share glory days stories. long a tradition here, we don our festive clothes, boogie down to aguilera real, and get totally shit-faced, telling stories confirming our bicycle prowess, on the ONE DAY each year that such yarn-spinnig is permitted in polite society.
if YOUR household or circle of friends does NOT conduct itself in this manner, i would STRONGLY urge that you adopt this fine, restrained, gentile tradition.
because, confidentially, we all get really sick of hearing you brag about yourself day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after fucking day.
in polite society, it is allowed ONLY on cinco de mayo.
so get over yourself. geebus.


Anonymous said...

Do I even get to brag about myself if there's really nothing about which to brag? I wish I had read this earlier. I could've had confidence all day.

the mostly reverend said...

that's the rule, anony: all day long, this day ONLY. then at midnight, ya GOTTA shut the fudge up.

it really is for the best. it makes most folks much more tolerable and it makes cinco de mayo a day with a real reason to get together to celebrate.

i bet you're looking forward to next year already, eh?