Wednesday, May 14, 2008

modern math

okay, so gas prices are inching up; are you following me so far? it's gone from maybe 35 cents a gallon to what, nearly four bucks for a damned gallon of gas? alright then, get this: my volvo wagon gets maybe 25 miles per gallon, with a 12 or 13 gallon tank. i don't let it get completely empty, so it usually takes--lately--forty bucks to fill 'er up. so i get maybe [without thinking too much] 250 to 300 miles per tank. then, boom, another $40 to refill. that shit pisses me off.
so i have this old scooter, got it from my dad when he died. it's a little honda elite, nearly 25 years old, a 125 cc, goes nearly 45 to 55 miles per hour, and gets maybe 68 to 70 miles per gallon. 2.2 gallon tank: 150 miles later, another 6 bucks or less [i never let THIS one run out, either].

so, the solution? simple. get one of THESE!


Anonymous said...

what the heck do you mean when you say your scooter gets "45 to 55 mile per house"?

You find a few pills leftover from the shoulder injury? :)


Anonymous said...

"that shit pisses me off."

??? WTF, a real biker just laughs at motorists for getting what they deserve. You sound like an old man whining about how movies were a nickel and beer was a dime and ack, enough whining!

the mostly reverend said...

i can still be pissed off about how expensive it is to go to bike races, dumbass. that shit, and now YOUR stupid shit, still pisses me off.

you're questioning whether or not i'm a real biker? that's fine. i just hope that such thoughts keep you off the streets. you sound dangerously stupid.

i don't drink enough beer to know or care how much it costs, and i can now get senior discounts for movies, so fuck you, too.

the only thing i'm likely to whine about now is how stupid many young people are these days. they don't even have names, the pathetic dolts.