Thursday, May 01, 2008

early morning thoughts

1-- we're here, we're not all queer; get used to it.
2--my early morning in-box today:
the bicycle gods are shining on ME!!
lest you think all is good, i DID get an email from that idiot turd norbike, too.

gee, you've accomplished a lot since then, too! i'm so proud to be an american these days. where's my flag pin?

just think what he could do if he'd set out to make the streets safe for bicyclists?


Anonymous said...

Scary thought. If the shrub paid any attention to cyclists, the rev would be locked up in Guantanamo along with any other cyclist who got in front of any suv driving, cell phone using republican that didn't get run over.

The rev would have no choice but to ride a spinner.

Anonymous said...

Republican? Really? You got to be kidding. Most of the idiots don't belong to either party and never vote. Lets keep this on topic.


the mostly reverend said...

on topic? hell, they're MY early morning thoughts.
i was just thinking out loud.
by the way, that fucking norbike is such a hemorrhoid.