Monday, May 19, 2008

god, i HATE the register's website

they told me they'd improved it, but i refused to believe them.
i was right...
i learned last tuesday or wednesday that kyle munson had posted a couple videos pertaining to bicycles. one was related to an interview conducted by brian duffy about the kollective, and the other was kyle's own harrowing experience riding his bike to work from slater last week. i tried--spent over 15 minutes--to find the damned things on their new and improved website, but gave up. a friend sent me the links. i tried just NOW to play them before posting them, but IT WAS TAKING TOO DAMNED LONG!!! so here they are, without my prior screening.
1--the video about the kollective
thanks to both kyle and brian for their work and the coverage. i certainly don't hold you guys responsible for the register's website. unless you ARE responsible for it!!!
--tip of the chewed-off fingernail to st. robro
--the balance of the finger to the register's "webmaster"
[i don't know if it's significant, but check the length of the url for these things--they're longer than kyle's ride!]


the mostly reverend said...

but the video's are great!
so nice to see dmitri in his natural state--lying down.

and that ride: network producers try to make bike videos sound "realistic" by having annoying chain and freewheel sounds [pawls clicking], but your noisy three-speed is one of the funniest and most realistic sounds i've EVER heard.

and for sheer fright, well, chuckie and michael have NOTHING on you riding your bike on a sidewalk. wholly shit...THAT'S scarier than riding with pete!

thanks for the yucks.

oh, and three hours? i bet you'll win "most improved commuter" in next year's B2WW with just minimal work.

talk to you soon, kyle!

Steve Fuller said...


The register exists to do nothing but make money. Reporting news is secondary. The longer that they can keep you on their adsite, er, I mean website, the more money they make from people seeing the ads.

the mostly reverend said...

but the bike to work video really IS good.

Anonymous said...

What, do you still have dial up? I went to the video section on the website clicked "videos" and found the 2 pretty quickly. They both looked pretty good. kyle's was a hoot, his bike looked and sounded like a cross between Dorothy's rig from the Wizard of Oz and Pee-wee's from his Big Adventure. I still want to do a print story so I plan on coming over with a still camera to get some shots and update the story.
And is the Register in business to make money? uh, yeah as is every other media outlet from The New York Times to Fox News.
One more thing, Kim, how did Fry man's tire catch on fire last Friday night, he said you should know.

the mostly reverend said...

he's one hell of a fast bike rider, that fry guy. all i know is that one minute, his bike is fine, the next minute, he's riding around the parking lot claiming that the hair on his legs were getting singed.

i would suggest that THAT is the real reason the disc wheels go in the rear, NOT the front.

nah, i've already raked kyle over the coals for the website. it just takes too long to find stuff.

but the videos are GREAT. that noisy 3-speed just kills me. and spending three hours riding that thing just from slater...well, that's nuts. that takes some real dedication to a story.

the scene on the sidewalk on penn avenue is like hitchcock, folks, you MUST watch it.