Saturday, May 10, 2008

"they think it's funny if they swerve into you"

from the denver post, may 6, 2008:
Six days after a friend of hers was struck and killed by a mail truck while riding his bike on West 32nd Avenue near Golden, Denver bicyclist Shelby Katz was nearly run off the road by someone driving a lawn-maintenance truck.
Katz believes the driver deliberately tried to frighten her and says motorists are getting "meaner and meaner" when confronted by cyclists.
"They honk at you, they think it's funny if they swerve into you — not intending to hit you, but intending to scare you," Katz said. "They're spitting on you, they're yelling at you, they're throwing things at you. I had a boyfriend who got a Big Mac thrown on him. That is just disgusting, it's horrible and rude, and it's not right."
read the entire story here.
check out the comments section at the end, too.


bryan said...

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: America. Ignorant! Combative! Dangerous!

I love this place!

the mostly reverend said...

american gladiators, redux. i feel like the science teacher going up against wolf, helga, crush and justice.

maybe if i had either a full head or hair or enormous fake breasts. i guess i just need to bleach my mustache.

geebus, this place IS weird:

Anonymous said...

I ride on that road at least 3 - 4 times a week. In fact today I got the chills riding past the flowers where one of our own was stuck.

While the majority of drivers realize it's one of the main arteries from Denver to the foothills, it is in fact, littered with redneck assholes that speed and don't pay attention.

Colorado is a strange place. I've never seen so many cyclists in my life. At the same time I think most motorists are just as ignorant and hateful to cyclist here as they are anywhere else in the country.

(Boulder is an exception.)


the mostly reverend said...

maybe there are too many australians in this country?