Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i could make this stuff up, but i have perfect strangers doing it for me!

i was just going through the in-box at the orphanage, and these things rose to the top of the pile. unsolicited does NOT equal unwelcome. in fact, i LOVE hearing feedback, good and not-so-good. we read it all:
"mr kim-just a quick kudos on how cool your radio show continues to get. week after week, it's another fun thing for us bike folks to listen to. and bill and jeff, what great guys to hear talk about their paths to cycling geekdom. keep up the good work!!i WILL call in sometime.....but when i tried last night, i couldn't get through.......maybe it's the podcast.....?"
dear listener: you need a special phone to get through to me during the podcast. it's very expensive, but i know someone who can get you a deal!
"oh, i know, that podcast is MOST confusing. i thought that was your home # and you were always there. suddenly i feel as if i've been slighted. and yes, i WILL listen live on sunday and hope several folks call in with good questions. looking forward to it."
dear listener: see how easy it is to communicate in cyberville via voice over podcasting phones?
and this from a young female listener in the land of maize and gold, or yella, or something:
"I too am a listener and I listen live when I can. Just go to the radio station's website when Kim's show is on in your area--it's on at 7 in Michigan on Sunday. Then just hit streamlining and viola you'll have Kim West live, which I admit freaked me out a little b/c I've never actually met Kim so I had this preconceived, imagined voice which was the exact opposite of what I heard on the radio. Kim, you sound like a refined NPR spokesperson and whenever I hear your voice your mustache is immediately gone and your hair is cut neat and I couldn't possible imagine you wearing a devil costume and chasing girls. I suppose living in Iowa will do that to a person, I mean look at Brokaw...Hope that helps! --huge fan in michigan
yes, i am a graduate of the "carl cassell school of how to sound like carl cassell on the radio" and the mustache and devil costume? i fear you have me confused with someone else.
but DO keep those cards and letters coming! the orphans and i read them all, and in the winter,they burn well in the fireplace. we have a fireplace on the intertubes, and each email we forward to it make the fire burn brighter. i love the intertubes.
and this just in:
how cool is THAT to hear in your in-box. thanks, folks.
sincerely and seriously.


Z said...
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Z said...

...Then just hit streaming and "viola"... Eh? Why not Tuba!

Just spell check and voila! But then... spell check doesn't work too well in French. Sorry... It's all that time well spent in French class years ago.

the mostly reverend said...

1--because she said i sounded like a refined NPR spokesperson,
2--i'd never met her, and
3--i figured she like stringed instruments.

it's all clssical to me.