Monday, December 22, 2008

holidays, 2008, take 2

from the mostly reverend, and all the kids at the orphanage.
. . . . .
on a completely different note, folks [and by that, i mean liberal bloggers] are getting their knickers in a knot over this whole "obama's invitation to an invocation thing." FINALLY, someone has written my thoughts EXACTLY. i knew that if i waited long enough, someone would do it for me. but here's how it starts, and now you know why it sums up my thoughts perfectly:
"who gives a rat's ass about an invocation anyway?"
read the entire piece here. but my thanks for saving me a bunch of time to the last chance democracy cafe.

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gpickle said...

Kim, I beg of you, no more snotty frozen face pictures.

We get it already.

You are a badass without a hanky.

I am serious, it is gross to look at.