Monday, December 29, 2008

if i were king of des moines . . .

oh yes, heads would roll, and then the bikes would roll.


Z said...

Ja, danke, mein Rad F├╝hrer!

lost78 said...

I think this lovely response from Planning and Zoning holds up well:

the mostly reverend said...

2 comments, other than the obvious [chicken]:
1--that is WONDERFUL;
2--how do you embed links? for the life of me, i haven't been able to do that. please help me.

Z said...

It would be:

(a href=" URL goes here ") text for link (/a)

Or for the example below:

(a href="") Original paper (/a)

Substitute the appropriate < for the "(" and > for the ")".

So... You'd then have

Original Paper

the mostly reverend said...

i feared it was that. i'll try it. after i check your link.

the mostly reverend said...

i got this from z

what's this?

Z said...

That would be the original chicken lecture / presentation / paper that was being summarized in the YouTube clip.