Thursday, December 18, 2008

never let a bad boy do the DEVIL'S work

it's kind of embarassing, actually, when these things happen. they give a professional like me a bad rap. i've worked my entire career to get my OWN bad rap, and this jerk almost single-handedly ruins it.
at least he is offering to make it right.
but if jonathan page can't take getting heckled by good old red-white-and-blue hecklers, maybe he SHOULD consider staying on the old side of the atlantic.


Thaddeus Neil said...

How unfortunate to think that Amy Wallace's bikes, along with all of those beautifully handcrafted Richard Sachs bikes, are gonna cet crushed because of these clowns.

Sorry Kim, I'm a J.P. fan but, I can see both sides of the story.

I will say this however, what have any of the other "U.S. Cyclocross riders" (excluding Tim Johnson and Matt Kelly) ever done across the pond?

The only reason why I say that is because cross is a way of life over there and they are so much mor passionate about it than we are.

All of our riders are secondary cross riders. They focus on MTB and road first and cross second. J.P. is cross first and everything else second like many of the top Euro's.

For this reason I like J.P. Because he is focused on cross and he represents the U.S. very well over there.

Just my opinion though.

Matthew Pavlovich said...

shouldn't have let his sister take care of it. That is pretty lame. Except that one time my sister protected me from a pack of wolfmen.


the mostly reverend said...

hey, we weren't wolfmen. we were just wearing masks and bad costumes.

but she WAS scary!

the mostly reverend said...

by the way, WE are pretty passionate about it, too, thad.

wanna see some passion, come to an OUTDOOR roller race!!