Friday, December 19, 2008

winter approaches . . .

and frankly, i'm excited as hell about it. snow and ice has been piling up the past few days, the forecast for next week calls for "dangerous windchills" of -25F to -35F, and the cars and trucks are giving me w-i-d-e berth as they approach my bike.
is this heaven?
no. it's iowa.
a few observations:
1--after heavy snows, it's easier to get through on most side streets on the sidewalks rather than the streets. folks are pretty good about cleaning their sidewalks. the city takes a bit longer, understandably.
2--nights are much brighter with all this snow. i love reflectivity.
3--riding at night is a whole lot more enjoyable--is this even possible?--when you have a half-pound of freshly-roasted, freshly-ground coffee beans from zanzibar's in your back pocket.
4--the gravel roads are going to be i-fucking-deal the next week or so. i-fucking-deal. mark my words. or you can stay inside and train for your next roller race.
5--some very exciting things are happening in the metro cycling world. 20" and 24" wheels could be quite the rage this summer. mark these words, too. i'm on to someting here.
6--you're gonna see some younger kids riding road bikes in the not-too-distant future around here. yup. road bikes. craziest damned thing to imagine, eh? young kids on road bikes. uh huh. you wait and see.
so there's some thoughts i had tonight while out riding. what did you think about during your ride tonight?

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Steve Fuller said...

Should have gone out for that night ride at 9 like I was thinking about. Instead I sat on my fat arse and surfed the innertubes. Big Creek Snowmobile trails await this afternoon.